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I am sure that many of you who have achieved either personally or professionally through life’s journey have done so with the support of others through either emotional support, advice, guidance or in other ways.

Hitching a free ride!

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Dead weight – no value

This got me thinking about those people along my own personal journey who have hitched a free ride. There has been times I have needed to be brave and realise they needed to be ‘dropped off ‘my journey wagon as the journey with people not pulling the same and hitching a free ride was just no value and dead weight!!

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I came across this short story about this very same topic which was told in such a way only Steve Harvey could tell it like this. Take a look:

  1. Have you recognised who is helping to pull your life wagon?
  2. Have you shed yourself of the ‘dead weight’ and the free riders from your life wagon no longer of value to your journey of success?

About Beverley Powell

Beverley Powell is a UK certified Life Coach and Educator and national award winner by the Health Service Journal (HSJ) 2014 as a BME Pioneer for her work around strategic inclusion within the National Health Service(NHS). and also by NHS Employers 2014 for work on strategically embedding Diversity through the workforce.

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