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With my expertise in leadership development and inclusion, I am perfectly placed to support your organisation, whether as a keynote speaker, consultant, mentor or coach. I can also provide specialist support to organisations that are in the process of establishing, developing and maintaining new networks.

You can read more about my work here or fill in the form below to arrange a time to discuss your needs. I offer preferential rates to the Third Sector.

Beverley Powell delivered a winning and captivating weekend workshop around presentation skills for Ethnic Minority Women entrepreneurs.

She was given a brief on what the requirements were and was able to present the service with tangible and realistic learning objectives, which would allow the women to participate and pick up skills that they could apply in their businesses.

The women gained both confidence and knowledge on delivering a presentation themselves.

Props were used to make things light hearted and to demonstrate the different resources, which can be used in a presentation.

By the end of the presentation the women were able to demonstrate through delivery of a presentation the importance of planning and preparing prior to delivery, skills in time management and team work and use different communication styles, including negotiation and influencing during teamwork.

The feedback from the participants was very positive; as they liked the hands on way the workshop was carried out especially the interaction between each other.

Comments such as “interesting and confidence boosting” and “very knowledgeable and motivating” were made, an overall success.

Aysha Qasim

Women’s Business Development Officer, Bolton Council

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