Beverley is an excellent Life Coach and is clear and concise in her role. From my first session, I felt relaxed, had a good rapport and Beverley had sent me a Pre Coaching Wheel ensuring my time was right and I was ready for coaching. During coaching sessions it soon became clear the best way in achieving my long-term goal and aims, and each follow up session reaffirmed this.

After each coaching session Beverley worked hard and sent detailed Follow Up Reflection Session Notes with agreed actions, with which there was ample time for me to make any amendments/actions I needed to complete in time for our next agreed coaching session.

I learned a range of techniques and skills including preparing getting into appropriate positive states and the use of mind mapping which I have consequently found very useful.

“Thank you very much Beverley; it all has been very useful and helpful.”

September 24, 2012, Paul was Beverley’s client

Paul Lawrenson-Business Support Officer at Lancashire County Council