Excerpt From: “Burning My Superwoman Cape: Leadership and Life Lessons Once the Cape Has Gone!”


This book is dedicated to my dear ancestors particularly my woman ancestors who had no freedom, no voice, who was not Double click this cell kallowed to feel pain nor complain, who was dehumanised. Your Joy was limited, controlled, and quietly celebrated one day a week with your choice, within reason of how to adorn your beautiful hair. Your beautiful melanated bodies was never acknowledged for its trued beauty and we was made to feel shamed of who we was back then. I delight in my melanated body. I have a voice and I use my voice, I am free, I feel joy, I feel pain and I am educated and empowered. I delight in my melanated body. This book is my gift to all my ancestors. I am because we are. ”

New book from Beverley Powell, coming soon!
Beverley Powell working on her laptop
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