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NHS London workshop designed and lead by Beverley Powell : The Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome workshop

Giving an afternoon workshop on imposter syndrome at the London Leadership Academy.

Transformational Leadership Feedback

NHS BMJ – British Medical Journal – Conference 2023

I just wanted to take a moment to feedback how grateful I am for Beverley’s support at the NHS BMJ Leader Live event  February 2023 .  The NHS Leadership Academy partnered with BMJ Leader to co-host a one day leadership event and it was important for us to have diverse speakers from multi-professional backgrounds covering as much as our health and care services as we could.  It was a no brainer to ask Beverley to join the planning committee from our end to help build a programme and ensure EDI was a golden thread through the day.  Beverley was committed, engaged and brilliant from the first planning call we had.

In addition Beverley co-led a session for our 45 multiprofessional clinical fellows on microagressions and inclusion with NHS colleagues which included an interactive workshop.  It was outstanding and got excellent feedback with some saying it’s one of the best sessions they have had so far.

Beverley is just such an inspirational role model and really lives the values of NHS England as an organisation.

Rachael Moses OBE DSc BSc MCSP

Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist

Head of Clinical Leadership Development, NHS England

National Clinical Advisor Respiratory, NHS England

Participant Feedback Women of Colour Leadership Conference June 2023 – Imposter Syndrome Session


The session covered some great insight into – what imposter syndrome is and why potentially this exists within individuals. The session presented options to help us as attendees to understand where imposter syndrome comes from and what we will give ourselves permission to do to help us overcome imposter syndrome.

Why I attended

In the past I have had support with trying to understand imposter syndrome through coaching when I first started my leadership role 5 years ago (where I went from a band 5 to 7 and was working alongside the Trust Executive Board at a local level). I have now gone from a band 7 to an 8B and working at a national level. I feel somewhere imposter syndrome has crept back in and I often really struggle with this as I progress in managing a national programme. So when I saw this as an option I did not hesitate to register in the hope to find some help with imposter syndrome.

Delivery style of session

The session was delivered in a way which I thought catered to a diverse range of learning styles for what was a very diverse group. Beverley used a range of methods from speaking, question and answer, conversational, lecture style but one I found most empowering and inspiring was the use of role play. Beverley had a simple prop which just took me back into her time and her story, a story that I think we could all resonate to in some small or big way. I really enjoyed the session and took a lot from the way the session was delivered and presented. Her personal centred lived story telling was very powerful.

Style of questions to the group

The questions put to us were ones that got us to really think hard and dig deep into our emotions. The ‘coaching style’ questions enabled us to think for ourselves what our blockers are for us and what may be causing the imposter syndrome we often experience.  The power we give ourselves was a question Beverley really got us to think about, which I absolutely loved because often we give our power away – which again Beverley got us to think about who we give our power to and why?

How I was left feeling

I was left feeling with many mixed emotions, I was energised, empowered, and encouraged whilst also feeling uncomfortable when thinking about how some of our lived experiences play such an important part on our outcomes and outputs. This uncomfortable feeling was a positive one that helped me to try and understand challenges and what I can do to begin addressing these challenges. The key question that Beverley asked of us was ‘ what are we giving ourselves permission to do ‘ and for me it was ‘ I give myself permission to excel’. Had I not been to the session I may not have come to this conclusion. So a BIG THANK YOU is due to Beverley who so perfectly whilst giving herself permission to be imperfect , presented this session, with humour, seriousness, compassion and integrity. THANK YOU BEVERLEY 😊


Neelam Mehay

Senior Manager for the Speaking Up support scheme

NHS England: People & Culture

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