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  • Is your company or organisation fit for purpose?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your policies and procedures?
  • Does your business plan consider cultural awareness and equality?
  • Do equality, diversity and human rights form a part of your staff induction process?
  • Are your managers aware of the Equality Act, the various aspects of discrimination, and how it can impact on your service and staff?
  • Do your managers have an understanding of unconscious bias and the impact this can have on your business and staff relationships?

Here is how I can help you:

I can design and deliver bespoke training for your company, which includes a preassessment diagnostic check of your current processes with an outcome report with recommendations of my findings.

Equality and Diversity Awareness Training

I can design and deliver equality and diversity training courses as a short programme or longer. By the end of the session, your staff will understand the importance of equality and diversity, the impact it can have on your service, and what they are required to do in their jobs to create a fair and inclusive workplace and service. 

I am experienced in facilitating small groups of between 5-10 people, for a half-day session. I am also experienced in delivering on a lecture-style arrangement with up to 100 people, which can be very effective. The choice is yours, and I would be happy to advise you on which approach may be the most suitable for you. Linking your strategy and business goals with Equality and Diversity is not something to be feared. It is beneficial for the business line.

If you feel that I could help you to undertake an organisational equality health check, as an external consultant, please fill in the form below.

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