📣 I am delighted to share that after intense training and development I am now a licenced Menopause Champion with the global company MEG

Licensed Champion Menopause Expert

So What?

📣 Changes in employment legislation has meant that for many of us we are working longer in years before our retirement. From the lens of DEI the Menopause isn’t just about how this transition can impact the cis gendered women, men may have sisters, mothers, aunties and maybe impacted in someway.

Many largely feminised organisations we can often see a man heading up an all women team.

📣Trans women are also a key and important part of our workforces and like some women, they may experience Menopausal symptoms whilst in the workplace.

Now What?

📣 Raising awareness of employee wellbeing and the Menopause in organisations can help foster a more inclusive workplace and help to reduce stigma and raise psychological safety amongst teams, enhancing DEI efforts and ultimately improving productivity and a culture which values the health and wellbeing experiences of all employees.

My hope is that with the continued and invaluable support from Menopause Experts Group Limited affectionately known as MEG I shall be able to continue becoming a values led leader and in doing so champion Diversity in Menopause and particular women of colour.

And in the words of the Liberian peace activist and Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbwoee:
…..” When the women come together great things happen”…..

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