Beverley Powell, licensed menopause champion

Beverley Powell MSC, PGCE, Associate CIPD. Accredited Life Coach, Licensed Menopause Champion.

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Beverley Powell is a trauma informed Life Coach who specialises in Diversity Equality and Inclusion Health and Wellbeing through the lens of the Menopause.

Licensed Champion Menopause Expert

A Senior programme manager with substantial leadership and management experience in both the public and commercial sectors and who has provided strategic engagement and support to an NHS Mental Health Trust as a Public Governor.

“I believe that every person is born with talent.” Maya Angelou

Beverley is an accomplished, creative and highly impactful leader, coach, facilitator and connector who has empowered and supported hundreds of leaders at all levels through her work in the public sector and beyond. In fact Beverley is one of those wonderful people whose whole career has been about empowering and developing others.

I first met Beverley during her work leading programmes for Yorkshire & Humber Leadership Academy and had the joy working with Beverley top develop various masterclasses, conferences, programmes and events. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Beverley for programmes that I have developed for coaches and leaders.

It’s quite difficult to summarise the impact that Beverley has had on the organisations and individuals she has worked for and with because her approach and excellence shine through when you speak with her or attend one of her programmes. It’s an ongoing delight to work with Beverley as a highly respected peer and colleague.

Thanks for all you do to develop others Beverley.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

I’ve known Beverley for over 7 years. She is a fantastic advocate for people from all diverse groups strategically across the many and varied organisations she has worked with. She knows such a lot and always wants to know more in the field of inclusion. Beverley is definitely someone I would recommend especially around research and strategically embedding diversity and inclusion across your organisation. As a personality she is great to be around as she is upbeat, positive and professional and I’m very much looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Clive Taylor

Company Director, Indigo You Ltd

I have always been impressed with Beverley’s integrity, knowledge and passion in all that she does. She is an excellent team player and has a strategic mindset which she applies very well to impact practice. She exudes confidence and is clearly a lifelong learner keen to make a difference on a number of fronts. Her maturity, experience and commitment would make her a credit to any organisation.

Professor Carol Baxter CBE

Diversity & Inclusion & Human Rights Consultant, NHS Foundation Trust

Diversity and Inclusive Leadership

Here Beverley Powell interviews Rasheed Ogunlaru after a regional leadership event and addresses the notion of networking.

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